December 4, 2009

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The Shepherd’s Song by Larry Barkdull

Review by Susan

The Shepherd's Song is a sweet Christmas tale of the a shepherd whose family cares for the lambs meant for holy sacrifices in the Temple in Jerusalem. When Joshua's wife is threatened with life-threatening complications of pregnancy, he takes his most-loved lamb to offer as a personal sacrifice at the temple to accompany his prayers for a miracle. The story of his journey, its unexpected detours and how he is brought to ultimately sacrifice his will and heart to the Lord is entwined with the story of the birth of Jesus which lightens the dark night of his despair. Prophecies of the coming of Messiah were understood by these shepherds who recognized the signficance of what they witnessed that holy night. Warning: be sure to have tissue ready when reading this book.

December 3, 2009

The Modern Magi by Carol Lynn Pearson

Review by Susan

Annabelle Perkins lives alone and works as a waitress. She has never married but grew up in a loving home filled with frequent tellings of the Christms story. At age 57 she dreams of traveling to Israel like the Magi and giving a gift to Jesus in Bethleham. She saves her money for months, working extra hours in spite of her health problems. Her anticipation continues to grow, but just as her dream is about to realized something unexpected brings an unwelcome decision. How Annabelle reconciles her dream to give the Christ child a gift with the unexpected twists of fate is an appealing story about the meaning being a Magi in the modern world. Master storyteller Carol Lynn Pearson spins another delightful tale.

December 1, 2009

Penny's Christmas Jars Miracle by Jason F. Wright Illustrated by Ben Sowards

Review by Susan

Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle tells of a young girl whose family takes turns deciding who will receive their annual Christmas Jar of spare change they collect all year long. It is Penny's turn to decide, and she wants to give the jar to the entire neighborhood by giving a special Christmas party. However, Mr. Charlie, a favorite older neighbor, becomes ill and will not be able to attend. How Penny changes her plans and involves the whole neighborhood is beautifully illustrated in this appealing children's book which is a worthy addition to the Christmas Jars library.

Christmas Jars Reunion by Jason Wright

Review by Susan

This is a sequel to Christmas Jars, the runaway bestseller of a few years ago. The story of Hope Jensen continues as she seeks to expand the Christmas Jar phenomenon which she begins to view as a ministry to share the spirit of giving engendered by this tradition. As the Christmas Jars tradition spreads over the country from Chuck's Chicken 'n' Biscuits diner, new characters and their stories are combined with elements of sorrow, romance, lives changed and a community brought together by a lofty goal. In the end, Hope learns about the true nature of the gift of love represented by a Christmas Jar from a very special little girl named Queen.