February 18, 2013

2012 Beehive Bookstore Christmas Jar Report

Below is the report from the winner of our 2012 Christmas-Jar-to-giveaway drawing.

The family that received the Christmas Jar for 2012 was extremely happy for the unexpected gift.  The father of the family had been out of work for many months.  The mother only worked a few hours.  They have four children.  The oldest son is on a mission.  Extended family and ward members pay for most of his mission costs.  The family knew that their Christmas would be very modest.  Two younger sons had part-time jobs in their neighborhood.  Between them they spent their earnings to make sure that each person had at least one present.  The Christmas Jar was a great gift, not only for the money, but for the love that many had made a sacrifice that came to their family.  
Thank you to all who donated.
I would like to echo the thanks to all of our great Beehive customers who donated towards our Christmas Jar in 2012.  The jar contained $84.22 this year.  I hope that even though Beehive Bookstore will not be here next Christmas to do another Christmas Jar each of you will find a way to include the Christmas Jar spirit in your Christmas celebrations each year, whether through doing your own Christmas Jar or another way.  Merry Christmas!