December 31, 2010

Christmas Jar 2010 Report

The following is the report of our 2010 Beehive Bookstore Christmas jar to giveaway winner. Names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the giveaway. Thanks to all of you who contributed, the jar contained $95.37!

I have thought many times where to begin with writing about my husband's and my experience with the Christmas jar. I guess the only place I can begin is at the beginning. In October of 2010 my husband and I relocated to the Bay Area from out of state. I transferred to a new position with the company I had been working with and my husband continued to work with a construction company in the Bay Area. At my place of work I meet a woman whom we will call Susan. Susan, I could tell, was a special lady. She seemed gruff and blunt in her words to those around her, but I knew there was more behind her hard exterior. I was determined to get to know her.

In the meantime my husband and I had been collecting soda and juice bottles at home for recycling. Of course the trash bags of bottles just sat on the porch wasting away not heading to any recycling station anytime soon. One day while I was at work I noticed Susan collecting any and all recyclable bottles from our work trash can. I immediately thought of all the bottles on my patio. The next day with the help of my husband we brought the bags of bottles to work and with a sharpie pen I wrote Susan’s name on the bags. She was so happy to receive the extra bottles, and I was glad that she could use them.

After living in the Bay Area for a month my husband and I visited the local Beehive Bookstore. While there I noticed a raffle and entered my name, and we left for home. I forgot about the raffle. In the meantime I had time set apart from December 23rd to December 31st for vacation from work. I was so excited to have some time off to visit family out of state. I had been looking forward to the time off for months. As it neared my vacation time a fellow coworker was looking for someone to work their shift on December 23rd so that she could visit her father out of state with her family. If I worked for her it meant I could not travel home to see my family until Christmas Eve. I felt the need to help her and that I needed to be here for some reason even though it meant I would be traveling on Christmas Eve and losing one day of my hard-earned vacation I had been looking forward to. I consented and was scheduled to work on December 23rd.

On December 22nd my husband and I once again headed to the bookstore to pick up some last minute Christmas gifts. We checked out and needed to stop at another store in the area. As soon as we left to head back home I noticed I received a message on my phone. A call from the Beehive Bookstore informed me that I had been the lucky winner of the raffle and that the prize was something that was to be given away to someone. After hearing the message my husband I both looked at each other and without saying a word we both knew who we would give the gift to whatever the gift may be. So we headed back to the Beehive Bookstore to collect the prize and receive instructions on what to do. Once I arrived at the bookstore I was told about the Christmas Jar. I had not read the store “The Christmas Jar” or even heard the story. The bookstore manager gave me a synopsis of how the Christmas jar works. She asked me to pray about who I would give it to. So after we counted the amount of funds in the jar, I collected the jar and went home. I prayed about Susan as my choice to give the jar to and went to bed. Before I left for work in the morning I kneeled in prayer again about the Christmas jar and Susan. I had an overwhelming feeling of warmth in my heart that she was the person who the jar needed to go to. So I grabbed a blank Christmas card and the Christmas jar and got in my car and headed on the 45 min commute to work.

Upon arriving I quickly wrote what came to my heart in the card which read,

This is a special gift from an accumulation of individuals who love to serve others and share their love of Christ with those around them. These individuals do not know each other and I do not know them but I was lead to give this special gift to you. I hope this finds need with you and your family and if you feel you know of someone who may stand in need of this gift you are welcome to share it. Have a very Merry Christmas.”

I went into work hiding the card and jar in my bag wondering how I was going to anonymously give the jar to Susan. Where I work at certain times of the shift certain workers are sent to certain stations. I usually am sent ahead to one station while another employee with follow 20 mins behind me and Susan is always left at the same station never going to the station that I go to. That day was different Susan was sent ahead of me to my station and I was scheduled to follow 10 mins behind her. It was perfect! Five minutes after she left I went to her locker and amazingly she had no lock on her locker that day. So I swiftly got the jar and card out of my bag and put it her locker concealing it just enough so that no one would think anything of the jar if they were to look into her locker. I swiftly headed to the station Susan was waiting at. After an hour we finished our shift and headed back to the break room to clock out. I was waiting which seemed like an eternity for Susan to clock out. I wanted to make sure she received the jar seeing that I was due to leave the next day and for the simple fact that there was no lock on Susan’s locker. Finally! She clocked out and headed straight for her locker. All of sudden we all hear,”What is this…O my goodness…O my gosh.” Susan proceeded to our manager’s office and opened the card crying. She read the card out loud bawling. The manager upon hearing the card told Susan, “Your family does need this.” Shortly after Susan came in the break room where we were waiting, and we saw that she was crying. She shared with us the card and the jar. She exclaimed, “Hallelujah! I’m going to be in church on Sunday praising my testimonies to the Lord…what a blessing…praise the Lord.” We were all so happy for her. We walked out together and as we did so Susan hugged everyone and I mean everyone…praising the Lord, sharing her story of the card and the Christmas jar, and expressing her love to those she hugged. She was so happy.

I felt so blessed to be able to present the gift of the Christmas Jar to her and to experience her joy of receiving it. Thank you to all those whom filled the Christmas Jar with their love… because it carried over to a much deserving person.

December 6, 2010

Author Signings

We really enjoyed the authors who came to sign books at our store the last two weekends. Duane & Jean Crowther were here November 27, 2010, and both were very interesting to talk to. We still have several signed copies of Duane's classic books Life Everlasting, Prophecy: Key to the Future and Godhead along with his newest They Walked With God. Jean has books of cross-stitch patterns for most every temple, coming up with new patterns as new temples are built. We can order these and have a listing of which temple is in which book.

Ester Rasband was with us December 4, 2010, and signed her Christmas gift book What Think Ye of Christmas? The beautiful watercolor illustrations enhance the uplifting message of the book regarding the symbols of Christmas. Many went away with multiple copies to give as gifts as they are reasonably priced. We still have plenty of copies of this lovely book, some of which are signed.

November 25, 2010

Duane & Jean Crowther Author Signing Nov 27

We are looking forward to having Duane & Jean Crowther in our store Saturday, Nov 27, for a signing. Duane will be signing his classic doctrinal books: Prophecy, Key to the Future; Life Everlasting and The Godhead as well as his latest book, They Walked With God. Jean be signing several of her lovely temple counted cross-stitch patterns. They are visiting their daughter, who lives in the area, for a special family event, and we are honored to have them come to our store.

November 4, 2010

Fall Art & Figurine Sale/Christmas items

We are excited about our semi-annual art & figurine sale. Now through November 27 all framed art is 20% off, matted prints and plaques are 10% off. Figurines are 20% off, nativities and tabletop home decor is 10% off. We have lots of new art and home decor items and will be receiving more as the month goes on.

We are also in the process of gradually putting out Christmas items for early shoppers, but it will take a couple of weeks so feel free to ask about items you don't see as they may not be out yet.

October 14, 2010

What I've Been Reading

We have had so many interesting new books in the store the last couple of months that even though I don't really have time I've been reading lots of them anyway, sometime more than one at a time. I don't have time to do formal review on any of them but thought I'd share at least some of my reads and impressions:

Pieces of Paris, G. G. Vandergriff: Another thoughtful, well-written and gripping read by this author who has become one of my favorites.

It All Began With Autumn Jones, Jack Weyland: A typical good read from Jack Weyland. A returned missionary remembers how to stand up for his beliefs in difficult circumstances while falling for Autumn Jones.

Backlash, Traci Hunter Abramson: Another roller coaster thriller about the Saint Squad while exploring challenges of spouses and families of secret strike force members.

The Abraham Enigma, Jack Lyon: FBI agent from Moroni Code with new bride tries to stop a terrorist plot and gains fascinating insights on the Abraham papyri while trying to escape through an Egyptian tomb.

Mother Had a Secret, Tiffany Fletcher: I heard this author talk in August about her experiences and challenges growing up with a mother who had multiple personality disorder which made me anxious to read the book. I was not disappointed in this gut-wrenching account of adversity, love and forgiveness.

The Fourth Nephite, Jeffrey Savage: High school football hero travels back in to time when Joseph Smith retrieves the gold plates and gains testimony of the Restoration. Had some pretty interesting situations and a peek into the Smith family and adventures of keeping the plates safe.

Some of the books I'm in the process of reading:
House of Learning, Richard & Kathleen Walker
To the Rescue, Biography of Thomas S Monson, Heidi Swinton
Before My Heart Stops, Paul Cardall
Escape from Rwanda, John Bizimana
Snow Rising, Matt Baldwin

September 2, 2010

Rhea Jensen Mysteries--new fun reads

I started reading City of Angels, the first Rhea Jensen mystery, on my way to the LDS Booksellers Convention in August and stayed up way too late because I couldn't put it down. Rhea Jensen is a fun character with witty comments and observations but a moral core that draws her unwittingly to the missionaries who cross her path while she's trying to solve an unexpectedly complicated embezzlement case that turns dangerous. Gospel standards she learns from the missionaries reinforce the lessons of her mother and influence some critical decisions she must make.

I met the author, Sheralyn Pratt, at the convention and can see where the fast-paced dialogue and action come from. Sheralyn is outgoing and radiates energy. She was once a private investigator herself which gives a sense of authenticity to the descriptions. I have not read book 2, Stalk Lake City, but look forward to it. Two more Rhea Jensen books are scheduled to be released before Christmas.

July 31, 2010

Tennis Shoes 11 coming in September!

Many Tennis Shoes fans have been waiting for a long time (5 years!) for the next installment to continue this great story left hanging at the end of Vol 10. The good news is Tennis Shoes Volume 11, Sorcerers and Seers ($17.99) is being released shortly after Labor Day. The bad news is that the last installment has been split into two books. Click here to read more on Chris Heimerdinger's blog.

We are taking preorders at a 21% discount ($14.15). Call the store, email me at or to have it shipped to you as soon as it comes in preorder on our website. Click here to read more details about the book and/or to order. If you email a preorder request, plus put "Tennis Shoes" in the subject line and include your phone number. Now is the time to start rereading the older ones to remind yourself where the story left off--

July 27, 2010

Recommendations heard in the store

Shared with us at the bookstore:

"No one has journals like Beehive Bookstore" came from a nonmember who had looked at Barnes & Noble and Borders but didn't like their selection and came to Beehive because she had purchased journals from us before. She wanted a bigger size where she could put pictures and descriptions on the same page. She took home a classic large blue journal with a smile on her face.

Indy Carter shared that Calling All Angels by Jessie Clark Funk, well-known LDS singer, had really helped her daughter after their family lost a baby. Even after explanations, her daughter kept asking "When will Jonathan come home?" This book helped her daughter understand better. This real-life story is written by Jessie Clark Funk, a well-known LDS singer-composer, from her own experience and is about a stillborn baby told from the viewpoint of her big sister. Included is a CD with 2 songs. Click here to read more about this comforting resource.

July 21, 2010

Between the Lines Introduced by Author's Mom

Judy Smalls is the mom of author Erin Klingler. Judy came into the store recently to admire the display of her daughter latest novel, Between the Lines, and take some pictures. This video is her introduction of Erin's book.

July 16, 2010

Video Contest Update

Although we know some Beehive videos are in process, none were submitted by the July 15 deadline. The deadline is extended to 7/30 and videos will be posted as received. If there are still no entries by 7/30 the prize will roll over to the August contest. If you are working on a video, right now your odds of winning are very good! Contest rules are on the the blog (see link at top) and in our Facebook notes. Come join the fun. Click here to see a sample video!

July 15, 2010

Preparedness & Cookbook Sale; THRIVE food order July 27

As part of our ongoing Summer Sales Extravaganza, all preparedness items and cookbooks are on sale for 20% off regular price until July 31. If we don't have what you want in the store, the discount also applies to special orders placed during the sales period.

We are also collecting THRIVE food storage orders. Prepaid orders placed before July 27 receive 5% off. Current order forms are available in the store or to download from our website (hint: if you want to print order form, choose option to fit to 2 pages). We have samples of pineapple and a variety of vegetables for tasting! Click here to learn more about THRIVE food storage. There are also a variety of products in stock and available to purchase.

July 8, 2010

DVDs 20% Off, Free DVD with ClearPlay HD DVD Player

Watch videos minus the stuff you don't want to see this summer. Rurchase the new ClearPlay HD-compatible DVD Player and receive the award-winning Baptists at Our Barbecue DVD free. Click here to learn more about ClearPlay and see a demo video. Baptists at Our Barbecue DVD is on sale for 40% off ($11.99) as well.

All DVDs are on sale through July 17 in the store for 20% off, including phone/mail order and special orders.

July 6, 2010

THRIVE Order Deadline July 27, 2010

We are proud to carry high-quality Thrive food storage products. We submit group orders every two to three months so that we can save on shipping. Those who join our group order and pay for their order in advance receive 5% off the current prices plus free shipping to the store. The current deadline for group orders is July 27, 2010. Current July order forms are available at the store or click here to go to our website home page where you can download the current order form.

If you would like to try before you order, we have pineapple plus a variety of vegetables available for sample tasting in the store. We also have some items in stock available for immediate purchase.

July 1, 2010

Queen in Exile Review

I'm an employee at the bookstore and I recently read Queen in Exile by Donna Hatch. I really enjoyed the story: think forbidden love, merciless takeovers, and magical creatures and you'll have a pretty good idea what this book is about. I hope you'll also take a dive into a world of magic, love, and royalty with Queen in Exile.

June 24, 2010

Summer Sales Extravaganza--Books & Talk CDs

Do you have vacation travel planned?

Do you worry about restless kids (or adults)?

Customer Michelle Sundstrom shares that after a trip to Utah with five kids under the age of 10, one of which cried the entire trip, they got a TV for the car. Videos helped but only lasted 90 minutes when a stop for potty/eating would be needed. Then they discovered books on tape/CD. The kids were enthralled for 4 to 5 hours at a time making the trip go much more quickly and easily for kids and parents. Even as the kids have gotten older, Michelle has found that on trips her children will enjoy church books and other good fiction that they would probably otherwise not read. Last year it was Undaunted by Gerald Lund and the year before the Leven Thumps series. Books on CD--highly recommended by the Sundstroms for vacation travel!

All Books and Talks on CD

Now 20% Off through July 10
Includes Phone/Mail Orders and Special Orders

June 23, 2010

Beehive is Worth the Drive!

Crystal drove a couple of hours from Oakdale because she couldn't wait to get the next volumes of the Children of the Promise series she had started reading. While she was here she took advantage of our summer fiction sale and other promotion and felt Beehive was definitely worth the drive! Click here to see her comments.

June 17, 2010

Sales All Summer Long!

Beehive Bookstore is having a Summer Sales Extravaganza with a different category on sale every week and with our fiction sale buy 4 get the 5th free all summer long! We will announce a new category to be on sale with our weekly emails. Look for new deals every week!

Summer Fiction Extravaganza! Buy 4 get 5th FREE

Buy any 4 fiction titles in the store (including used and clearance) at regular price and get your 5th fiction title FREE* this June, July & August.

Choose your favorite authors or try someone new from our wide selection of title for all ages. Tell your friends and enjoy a summer of reading together!

*Free book is least expensive of the five titles. Marked price is considered regular price for used and clearance titles. Not available online. Offer good through August 31, 2010.

Watch video explaining our fiction and summer sales extravaganza!

June 11, 2010

Update to Video Contest

Deadlines have been extended on our summer video contest. Submission deadlines are now July 15, August 15 and September 15. Click on the Summer Video Contest page above to see the submission guidelines. Click here to see a sample video!

June 8, 2010

Annette Lyon's Band of Sisters

One of our beloved customers Sherry Glass came into the Beehive Bookstore recently to pick up a special order and told us a bit about Band of Sisters, a recent read previously purchased at the store. She said she had read it in one sitting. Its chick lit quality (you know, like a chick flick but instead of going to a theater you read it) helped her unwind from the pressures of work.

Thanks for the recommendation!

May 24, 2010

Announcing the Beehive Bookstore Summer Video Contest!

Help us spread the word about the great LDS-related resources available in our store! Three $100 Beehive Bookstore Gift Certificates will be awarded to winners of the June, July and August contests. Winners will be determined by Facebook voting. Guidelines and details are on the "Summer Video Contest" page of this blog (click on title at top) or the notes on our Facebook fan page.

If you ever had the urge to create a great video to share, now is the time!

May 20, 2010

Clair Poulson's Deadline

From Cheryl Leifson on Facebook: Hi Everyone, I just finished reading "Deadline" by Clair M. Poulsen. It was really good. I liked that it had suspense, a little romance, and lots of action. A great suspense novel. I like all of the books I've read by clair poulsen. It is a great book to read if your interested.

Louise & Wayne Young also have enjoyed Clair Poulson's books and read most of them. Wayne commented that he feels male characters often are not realistically portrayed by female authors and likes Poulson's characters.

May 13, 2010

Reader Recommendations

As we hear from our customers and others about books or products available at Beehive Bookstore that they have enjoyed and would recommend, with permission we will post them to our blog with the tag "Recommendations." To see all the posts with recommendations, just go to the label sections (below the Facebook fans and blog archive on the right sidebar) and click the "Recommendations" label, and you will see just the posts in that category to make it easy to see what others have recommended. If you have something you would like to recommend, feel free to let us know when you come into the store by email.

Dorothy Keddington's Books

We noticed Linda Hansen purchasing Return to Red Castle by Dorothy Keddington and got chatting about the author's other books. Linda had read Jayhawk and the newest release Fairy Thorn and liked them and was looking forward to reading Return to Red Castle. Linda told us Dorothy had a different writing style and very good stories that Linda enjoyed and would recommend. Click the images above to learn more about these stories.

May 5, 2010

Light on Fire Island

Cheryl Leifson told us in the store that she enjoyed "Light on Fire Island" (a fiction book by Marilyn Bateman). We love it when customers tell us what books & products they like! Click here to read more about it.

April 15, 2010

Thrive Food Storage Group Order due April 24

We are proud to carry high-quality Thrive food storage products. We submit group orders every month or two so that we can save on shipping. Those who join our group order and pay for their order in advance receive 5% off the current prices plus free shipping to the store. The current deadline for group orders is April 24, 2010. Current April order forms are available at the store or click here to go to our website home page where you can download the current order form.

If you would like to try before you order, we have pineapple plus a variety of vegetables available for sample tasting in the store. We also have some items in stock available for immediate purchase.

April 12, 2010

LDS Hymns of Worship CD Missionary Recommendation!

Here is a recommendation from our missionary daughter Amy. In honor of her recommendation these CDs are now on sale for $13.58, 20% off regular price! Click here to order on our website.

From Amy:

My CD I have called, "LDS Hymns of Worship" (Various Artists) is my favorite CD I have and every one of my comps I've had (long-term or temporary) has loved it as well, and wants their own copy. I figured I would let you know so you could recommend it to people/missionaries/future missionaries. I really like it a lot, it's just arrangements of hymns by different artists, some instrumental, but they are all peaceful and uplifting pieces. In fact, when I first started driving and I was not "in charge" of the music, I would notice I really liked the song playing and would ask, "What CD is this?" and almost every time it would be LDS Hymns of Worship, but different tracks. Or the same track, because the song would catch my attention every time I heard it. It is really just a good CD.

April 10, 2010

Ladies Night Out at Beehive Bookstore

We had a great turnout at our Ladies Night Out sale at Beehive Bookstore April 3. There was a lot of energy and fun with lots of chatting, food and laughter. Thanks to all the marvelous employees who contributed yummy treats and lots of effort to make this night a success. Thanks to our wonderful customers who take advantage of the great deals and make this event one of the highlights of the year for the store.

April 5, 2010

Fablehaven Series Now Complete!

Fablehaven 5, Keys to the Demon Prison is the last volume in the best-selling children's fantasy series by Brandon Mull. Like most excellent children's fantasy, there's lots of pretty interesting things going on inside a fast-moving adventure story. I'm thinking I need to get more members of my family reading this series so we can have some energetic discussions about the interesting themes and thought-provoking conflicts that develop throughout the series. Some of these include courage versus caution, a pure heart versus greed and power, light versus dark, consequences and responsibility, loyalty and betrayal plus much more.

I had waited to read volume 4 (Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary) until the last volume came out. Since it had been a while, I ended up reviewing/rereading volumes 1 through 3 and then reading 4 and 5. It took a day or two for me to process the climax and resolution of the series and come back out of the Fablehaven universe into the real world. Not everyone I know who started reading the first book was able to really get into the story, but it sure pulled me in. I look forward to reading these again and finding ideas, patterns and details I missed the first time. For more information about what the series is about, you can check on our website for a description of the books. If you enjoy fantasy, I can highly recommend this series for you and your children.

Product note: Volume 1-4 are now available in paperback as well as hardback.

March 18, 2010

Former Beehive Bookstore Owners Called on a Mission

Former Beehive Bookstore Randy & Kathy Winn received their mission call last week They will be serving in the mission office of California, San Jose Mission beginning in June. Kathy was working at the bookstore when the big white envelope came, so Randy brought it down to the store to open. It was fun to share in their excitement of their call. This was Kathy's first mission call, and she had a particularly big smile on her face. Congratulations!

Joy Hulme Book Signing

We enjoyed having Joy Hulme in the store. She is always so fun to talk to. She writes nonfiction, educational books for children in verse which are beautifully illustrated by various artists and was signing her new counting book Easter Babies. She also brought several other books to sign, including Mary Clare Likes to Share, Wild Fibonacci and Climbing the Rainbow. At left, she and a friend chat while she signs. Thanks, Joy, for your books and sharing them with us!

March 9, 2010

Book Signing by Joy Hulme March 13, 2010, 1 to 3 p.m.

Local author Joy Hulme will be signing her newest children's counting book Easter Babies on Saturday, March 13, from 1 to 3 p.m. at our bookstore. Bring your children and meet this well-known author of children's educational books.

About Easter Babies: From one newborn foal walking on wobbly legs and five open-billed nestlings eager for food to eleven children playing in the park and twelve church bells ringing, this lovely picture book celebrates spring, Easter, and new life. Joy Hulme and Dan Andreasen, who created the beautiful Stable in Bethlehem, once again capture the spirit of a holiday and a season.

Easter Babies is on sale for $11.65, 10% off both online and in the store through Easter. Joy's previous seasonal counting book, Stable in Bethlehem, will also be available for signing at 10% off ($8.95). If you are unable to attend, purchase either book in advance by phone, in person or online, and we will have Joy sign it for you!

February 13, 2010

Become a Fan of Beehive Bookstore on Facebook

Inspired by a seminar on Social Media and Linked-In January 27, we finally are on Facebook. The seminar was sponsored by BYU Management Society Silicon Valley Chapter, San Jose State University Alumni Association and Mass Mutual and featured presentations by Arthur Jue, coauthor of Social Media At Work, and Mike O'Neil & Lori Ruff, authors of Rock the World with your Online Presence--Your Ticket to a Multi-Platinum LinkedIn Profile. Mike, Arthur & Lori are the three on the left in the photo. Also pictured continuing on to the left is Mike Rasmussen of the BYU Management Society, Brian Bates of the SJSU Alumni Association, and Susan Dittmann of Mass Mutual Financial Group.

I had been thinking about a Facebook page for Beehive for a while, but this seminar in conjunction with the assistance of my daughter and an enthusiastic employee (Lora of the Beehive Bookstore videos) finally provided the momentum to actually do it. Help us reach our goal of 500 fans by March 15. Become one of our fans (click on Facebook button on right margin) and invite at least 20 of your friends to become fans, and we will give you a 5% off code for our website or a coupon for in the store. Email me at to let me know, and I will email you the code and/or coupon. We are hoping that Facebook will be a an easier place for our wonderful customers can share ideas and recommendations about their favorite LDS products. We will be posting videos featuring new and/or cool stuff in our store. Stay tuned!

January 5, 2010

Beehive Bookstore's Christmas Jar Report

In the spirit of Jason Wright's bestselling Christmas Jars and Christmas Jars Reunion, we at Beehive Bookstore began our own Christmas Jar and invited our wonderful customers to contribute spare change if they desired. On December 21, 2009, we had collected over $85! We also had a drawing for anyone who would like to be the one to give the jar away anonymously to someone in need. The winner of that drawing graciously agreed to share her experience with us on the blog. She is not named and has omitted some details to keep the recipients anonymous. Here is her report:

Upon receiving the news that my name had been drawn and I had been presented with the unique opportunity to select someone to receive the Christmas Jar, I immediately began contemplating whom this jar would best serve during the holidays this year. I had this on my mind throughout the afternoon, but no one came to mind. I thought of calling the bishop of our ward as he would have greater insight than I as to who might most benefit from this blessing. I called him and he said that through the service of individuals in our ward most who were in need this season had already been taken care of, but he would give it some thought too. After finding out that most of our ward members had reached out to one another this holiday season, I started to think that I might be thinking too small and should maybe reach beyond just our ward. That evening I talked with my husband who came up with the idea to contact the bishop of a ward in our stake that has many struggling families. We called him that night and asked if anyone in his ward could use this great blessing, the Christmas Jar. He said that there were many in his ward who could use it and that he would love to take the jar and give it prayerful and thoughtful consideration before delivering the jar to the family he felt was most in need of this specific gift. A day later we received word from him that the jar went to a wonderful brother and sister who were in need of a little more so that he would be able to meet qualifications necessary so that he could go and serve the Lord. How great a blessing this jar was - not ONLY able to help a family in need, but that it will help others receive the gospel as this service became more attainable through the Christmas Jar. Thank you to all of those who generously gave this year! It was a joy to pick up and pass on!