July 31, 2010

Tennis Shoes 11 coming in September!

Many Tennis Shoes fans have been waiting for a long time (5 years!) for the next installment to continue this great story left hanging at the end of Vol 10. The good news is Tennis Shoes Volume 11, Sorcerers and Seers ($17.99) is being released shortly after Labor Day. The bad news is that the last installment has been split into two books. Click here to read more on Chris Heimerdinger's blog.

We are taking preorders at a 21% discount ($14.15). Call the store, email me at or to have it shipped to you as soon as it comes in preorder on our website. Click here to read more details about the book and/or to order. If you email a preorder request, plus put "Tennis Shoes" in the subject line and include your phone number. Now is the time to start rereading the older ones to remind yourself where the story left off--

July 27, 2010

Recommendations heard in the store

Shared with us at the bookstore:

"No one has journals like Beehive Bookstore" came from a nonmember who had looked at Barnes & Noble and Borders but didn't like their selection and came to Beehive because she had purchased journals from us before. She wanted a bigger size where she could put pictures and descriptions on the same page. She took home a classic large blue journal with a smile on her face.

Indy Carter shared that Calling All Angels by Jessie Clark Funk, well-known LDS singer, had really helped her daughter after their family lost a baby. Even after explanations, her daughter kept asking "When will Jonathan come home?" This book helped her daughter understand better. This real-life story is written by Jessie Clark Funk, a well-known LDS singer-composer, from her own experience and is about a stillborn baby told from the viewpoint of her big sister. Included is a CD with 2 songs. Click here to read more about this comforting resource.

July 21, 2010

Between the Lines Introduced by Author's Mom

Judy Smalls is the mom of author Erin Klingler. Judy came into the store recently to admire the display of her daughter latest novel, Between the Lines, and take some pictures. This video is her introduction of Erin's book.

July 16, 2010

Video Contest Update

Although we know some Beehive videos are in process, none were submitted by the July 15 deadline. The deadline is extended to 7/30 and videos will be posted as received. If there are still no entries by 7/30 the prize will roll over to the August contest. If you are working on a video, right now your odds of winning are very good! Contest rules are on the the blog (see link at top) and in our Facebook notes. Come join the fun. Click here to see a sample video!

July 15, 2010

Preparedness & Cookbook Sale; THRIVE food order July 27

As part of our ongoing Summer Sales Extravaganza, all preparedness items and cookbooks are on sale for 20% off regular price until July 31. If we don't have what you want in the store, the discount also applies to special orders placed during the sales period.

We are also collecting THRIVE food storage orders. Prepaid orders placed before July 27 receive 5% off. Current order forms are available in the store or to download from our website (hint: if you want to print order form, choose option to fit to 2 pages). We have samples of pineapple and a variety of vegetables for tasting! Click here to learn more about THRIVE food storage. There are also a variety of products in stock and available to purchase.

July 8, 2010

DVDs 20% Off, Free DVD with ClearPlay HD DVD Player

Watch videos minus the stuff you don't want to see this summer. Rurchase the new ClearPlay HD-compatible DVD Player and receive the award-winning Baptists at Our Barbecue DVD free. Click here to learn more about ClearPlay and see a demo video. Baptists at Our Barbecue DVD is on sale for 40% off ($11.99) as well.

All DVDs are on sale through July 17 in the store for 20% off, including phone/mail order and special orders.

July 6, 2010

THRIVE Order Deadline July 27, 2010

We are proud to carry high-quality Thrive food storage products. We submit group orders every two to three months so that we can save on shipping. Those who join our group order and pay for their order in advance receive 5% off the current prices plus free shipping to the store. The current deadline for group orders is July 27, 2010. Current July order forms are available at the store or click here to go to our website home page where you can download the current order form.

If you would like to try before you order, we have pineapple plus a variety of vegetables available for sample tasting in the store. We also have some items in stock available for immediate purchase.

July 1, 2010

Queen in Exile Review

I'm an employee at the bookstore and I recently read Queen in Exile by Donna Hatch. I really enjoyed the story: think forbidden love, merciless takeovers, and magical creatures and you'll have a pretty good idea what this book is about. I hope you'll also take a dive into a world of magic, love, and royalty with Queen in Exile.