October 14, 2010

What I've Been Reading

We have had so many interesting new books in the store the last couple of months that even though I don't really have time I've been reading lots of them anyway, sometime more than one at a time. I don't have time to do formal review on any of them but thought I'd share at least some of my reads and impressions:

Pieces of Paris, G. G. Vandergriff: Another thoughtful, well-written and gripping read by this author who has become one of my favorites.

It All Began With Autumn Jones, Jack Weyland: A typical good read from Jack Weyland. A returned missionary remembers how to stand up for his beliefs in difficult circumstances while falling for Autumn Jones.

Backlash, Traci Hunter Abramson: Another roller coaster thriller about the Saint Squad while exploring challenges of spouses and families of secret strike force members.

The Abraham Enigma, Jack Lyon: FBI agent from Moroni Code with new bride tries to stop a terrorist plot and gains fascinating insights on the Abraham papyri while trying to escape through an Egyptian tomb.

Mother Had a Secret, Tiffany Fletcher: I heard this author talk in August about her experiences and challenges growing up with a mother who had multiple personality disorder which made me anxious to read the book. I was not disappointed in this gut-wrenching account of adversity, love and forgiveness.

The Fourth Nephite, Jeffrey Savage: High school football hero travels back in to time when Joseph Smith retrieves the gold plates and gains testimony of the Restoration. Had some pretty interesting situations and a peek into the Smith family and adventures of keeping the plates safe.

Some of the books I'm in the process of reading:
House of Learning, Richard & Kathleen Walker
To the Rescue, Biography of Thomas S Monson, Heidi Swinton
Before My Heart Stops, Paul Cardall
Escape from Rwanda, John Bizimana
Snow Rising, Matt Baldwin