January 5, 2010

Beehive Bookstore's Christmas Jar Report

In the spirit of Jason Wright's bestselling Christmas Jars and Christmas Jars Reunion, we at Beehive Bookstore began our own Christmas Jar and invited our wonderful customers to contribute spare change if they desired. On December 21, 2009, we had collected over $85! We also had a drawing for anyone who would like to be the one to give the jar away anonymously to someone in need. The winner of that drawing graciously agreed to share her experience with us on the blog. She is not named and has omitted some details to keep the recipients anonymous. Here is her report:

Upon receiving the news that my name had been drawn and I had been presented with the unique opportunity to select someone to receive the Christmas Jar, I immediately began contemplating whom this jar would best serve during the holidays this year. I had this on my mind throughout the afternoon, but no one came to mind. I thought of calling the bishop of our ward as he would have greater insight than I as to who might most benefit from this blessing. I called him and he said that through the service of individuals in our ward most who were in need this season had already been taken care of, but he would give it some thought too. After finding out that most of our ward members had reached out to one another this holiday season, I started to think that I might be thinking too small and should maybe reach beyond just our ward. That evening I talked with my husband who came up with the idea to contact the bishop of a ward in our stake that has many struggling families. We called him that night and asked if anyone in his ward could use this great blessing, the Christmas Jar. He said that there were many in his ward who could use it and that he would love to take the jar and give it prayerful and thoughtful consideration before delivering the jar to the family he felt was most in need of this specific gift. A day later we received word from him that the jar went to a wonderful brother and sister who were in need of a little more so that he would be able to meet qualifications necessary so that he could go and serve the Lord. How great a blessing this jar was - not ONLY able to help a family in need, but that it will help others receive the gospel as this service became more attainable through the Christmas Jar. Thank you to all of those who generously gave this year! It was a joy to pick up and pass on!