September 2, 2010

Rhea Jensen Mysteries--new fun reads

I started reading City of Angels, the first Rhea Jensen mystery, on my way to the LDS Booksellers Convention in August and stayed up way too late because I couldn't put it down. Rhea Jensen is a fun character with witty comments and observations but a moral core that draws her unwittingly to the missionaries who cross her path while she's trying to solve an unexpectedly complicated embezzlement case that turns dangerous. Gospel standards she learns from the missionaries reinforce the lessons of her mother and influence some critical decisions she must make.

I met the author, Sheralyn Pratt, at the convention and can see where the fast-paced dialogue and action come from. Sheralyn is outgoing and radiates energy. She was once a private investigator herself which gives a sense of authenticity to the descriptions. I have not read book 2, Stalk Lake City, but look forward to it. Two more Rhea Jensen books are scheduled to be released before Christmas.