July 31, 2009

Far World: Water Keep by J. Scott Savage

Review by Susan

J. Scott Savage has created a wonderful tale of adventure, magic and fantasy in Farworld: Water Keep. The story centers on young teenagers Marcus and Kyja, both misfits on different worlds who have a mysterious connection to each other. Marcus has learned to use his wits and some unusual talents to defend himself against bullies. Kyja struggles as a nonmagical child in a world where magic is a way of life. In a time of great need, Kyja rescues Marcus and brings him from Earth to Farworld. In an adventure on both worlds, they fight against the evil Dark Circle with the help of Master Therapass, Kyja’s wizard mentor, and begin a quest to seek the help of the mythical elementals: water, land, air and fire. Their journey to Water Keep is fraught with peril and triumph as they discover hidden talents and the power of loyalty, kindness and sacrifice.

Following Harry Potter, there has been a wave of excellent young adult fantasy, including the best-selling Fablehaven series and 13th Reality. Farworld incorporates several familiar fantasy themes and patterns woven together in an appealing tale that leaves you wanting more. Fortunately, the second volume in the series, Farworld: Land Keep, is due to be released in September.

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