June 24, 2010

Summer Sales Extravaganza--Books & Talk CDs

Do you have vacation travel planned?

Do you worry about restless kids (or adults)?

Customer Michelle Sundstrom shares that after a trip to Utah with five kids under the age of 10, one of which cried the entire trip, they got a TV for the car. Videos helped but only lasted 90 minutes when a stop for potty/eating would be needed. Then they discovered books on tape/CD. The kids were enthralled for 4 to 5 hours at a time making the trip go much more quickly and easily for kids and parents. Even as the kids have gotten older, Michelle has found that on trips her children will enjoy church books and other good fiction that they would probably otherwise not read. Last year it was Undaunted by Gerald Lund and the year before the Leven Thumps series. Books on CD--highly recommended by the Sundstroms for vacation travel!

All Books and Talks on CD

Now 20% Off through July 10
Includes Phone/Mail Orders and Special Orders

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