October 13, 2011

Guest Book Review

Since I don't have enough time to read as I'd like, I'm including a guest review of a book I want to read soon.  I've read the first two Secret Sisters mysteries and enjoyed them.  
Here is a guest review from Kay Curtiss of Keepin' Up with LDS Bookstores.  Click here to read more about this book and the author on Kay's blog:
Kay's Kritique:  Ida Mae Babbit  (who has her own Facebook page) and her cohorts are at it again in another Secret Sister Mystery that take them to a Dude Ranch in Montana which Ida Mae's son, Keith, owns.  This crew will keep you laughing with their antics (especially Ida Mae's late night, flannel PJs, bare-back horse chase) as they solve the mystery of the sabotage of the Dude Ranch.   Tristi has created some fun, great characters and her descriptive writing keep you laughing throughout with the "visuals" she creates in your mind. Hang 'em High was a great escape for me on a rainy weekend when you just want to curl up with a good book - which I did!  This is definitely one you won't want to miss!

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