April 12, 2010

LDS Hymns of Worship CD Missionary Recommendation!

Here is a recommendation from our missionary daughter Amy. In honor of her recommendation these CDs are now on sale for $13.58, 20% off regular price! Click here to order on our website.

From Amy:

My CD I have called, "LDS Hymns of Worship" (Various Artists) is my favorite CD I have and every one of my comps I've had (long-term or temporary) has loved it as well, and wants their own copy. I figured I would let you know so you could recommend it to people/missionaries/future missionaries. I really like it a lot, it's just arrangements of hymns by different artists, some instrumental, but they are all peaceful and uplifting pieces. In fact, when I first started driving and I was not "in charge" of the music, I would notice I really liked the song playing and would ask, "What CD is this?" and almost every time it would be LDS Hymns of Worship, but different tracks. Or the same track, because the song would catch my attention every time I heard it. It is really just a good CD.

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