July 27, 2010

Recommendations heard in the store

Shared with us at the bookstore:

"No one has journals like Beehive Bookstore" came from a nonmember who had looked at Barnes & Noble and Borders but didn't like their selection and came to Beehive because she had purchased journals from us before. She wanted a bigger size where she could put pictures and descriptions on the same page. She took home a classic large blue journal with a smile on her face.

Indy Carter shared that Calling All Angels by Jessie Clark Funk, well-known LDS singer, had really helped her daughter after their family lost a baby. Even after explanations, her daughter kept asking "When will Jonathan come home?" This book helped her daughter understand better. This real-life story is written by Jessie Clark Funk, a well-known LDS singer-composer, from her own experience and is about a stillborn baby told from the viewpoint of her big sister. Included is a CD with 2 songs. Click here to read more about this comforting resource.

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