July 31, 2010

Tennis Shoes 11 coming in September!

Many Tennis Shoes fans have been waiting for a long time (5 years!) for the next installment to continue this great story left hanging at the end of Vol 10. The good news is Tennis Shoes Volume 11, Sorcerers and Seers ($17.99) is being released shortly after Labor Day. The bad news is that the last installment has been split into two books. Click here to read more on Chris Heimerdinger's blog.

We are taking preorders at a 21% discount ($14.15). Call the store, email me at or to have it shipped to you as soon as it comes in preorder on our website. Click here to read more details about the book and/or to order. If you email a preorder request, plus put "Tennis Shoes" in the subject line and include your phone number. Now is the time to start rereading the older ones to remind yourself where the story left off--

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