April 3, 2013

Beehive votes for the Whitney Awards

 Even though Beehive Bookstore is now closed,  Lora, Dalene and I are all busy reading 2012 Whitney Award nominees so that we can cast votes.  One of the fun things about the bookstore was having conversations about what we read, what we liked, what we didn't and why.  The Whitney Awards give us an opportunity to do that in a big way.

Never heard of the Whitney Awards?  They are an awards program named after Elder Orson F. Whitney, an early LDS apostle, to honor fiction written by LDS authors.  Each year books are nominated by any reader in a variety of categories, and final nominees are voted on by members of the academy.  Click here to read more about the Whitneys.  As a bookstore, Beehive was a voting member, and we plan to cast the Beehive vote one last time.  To vote in a particular category, all books in that category must be read.  While working in the bookstore, none of us had time to read all the nominees, so we have divided most the categories up between us and will consolidate our vote.

We plan to share our thoughts about the various nominees that we have a chance to read and explain our votes and recommendations.  Stay tuned for the first summary of the Whitney Awards 2012 nominees, starting with Historical Fiction.  Better yet, become a follower of our blog so you will know whenever we have a new post to share!


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