April 30, 2013

More Whitney Award rankings

Yesterday, April 29, was the day the Whitney Award ballots for 2012 were due.  Lora, Dalene and I put our heads together, reviewed the categories in which we were able to read all the entries, and came up with our selections for our ballot.  The Historical Fiction category was described in the previous post--below are the other categories for which we voted. 

General fiction:  There were some amazing books in this category.  Dalene ranked them in the following order:
1.  Dancing on Broken Glass
2.  A Night on Moon Hill
3.  The Rent Collector
4.  The 13th Day of Christmas
5.  Paige

Romance fiction:   Lora felt the stand-out in this group was her number one pick.  She did not care much for the last book listed.
1.  Edenbrooke
2.  Twitterpated
3.  Of Grace and Chocolate
4.  Smart Move
5.  Lady Outlaw

Mystery/Suspense fiction:  Lora thought these were all quite good which made ranking difficult. 
1.  Line of Fire
2.  Banana Split
3.  Deadly Undertakings
4.  Tres Leches Cupcakes
5.  Code Word

Young Adult-General fiction:  I thought After Hello was excellent, dealing with significant issues with complex characters and satisfying movement and resolution.  I thought the next two on the list were also quite good.  The last two I would not recommend for various reasons.
1.  After Hello
2.  The Space Between Us
3.  The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back
4.  V if for Virgin
5.  Finding June

The winners will be announced May 11.  Click here to read more about the Whitney Awards or to nominate great fiction by an LDS author published in 2013.

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